Our Approach

One of the key ways Carpion differentiates our service is through our approach to wealth management, built upon four pillars of communicating with our clients. As legacy is our guiding principle in all we do, we view each pillar with a family governance perspective, to ensure that

unity and harmony enhance the passing between generations.

Financial Planning & Goal Setting

By taking the time to get to know you and your family - and by carefully listening to each of you - we learn about your goals and ambitions, as well as your concerns and expectations. This allows us to develop a detailed blueprint, an practical and sound financial plan, for your future.

Quarterly Reviews

Once your plan is in place, we look to meet with you at the end of each quarter for a thorough portfolio review and discussion to learn about any changes in your life and whether your objectives may have evolved.

Educational Events

We're committed to keeping all of our clients well informed and have found that live events - both in-person and over Zoom - are greatly appreciated. Managing wealth requires staying up to date on new information about topics like taxes and retirement regulations - as well as new investment opportunities.

Educational Content

From commentary on the markets to interesting articles about smart financial habits to insights about relevant investment strategies, we provide our clients with information, through emails and our website, to help them learn more about topics that may impact their financial future.

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